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Origin of Twenty-Twenty Therapies

In early 2019, a dear friend of mine died. She was young, full of life, kind, smart, loving, and a devoted mother. She helped heal kiddos emotional wounds, just like me. So she was extra special to me.


Late one night, through sobbing tears of grief, I realized that in less than a year from now, the year would be 2020. I graduated high school in 2002. 


I realized that the year 2020 marked exactly half of my life, half as a child, and half as an adult. There were so many things I wanted to be able to share, about truths and lies I had encountered along the way, both as a child, and as adult, during this milestone year of my life. 


The symbolism was not lost on me, and so as a therapist's "pet project" I got online, and purchased I felt, eventually, it would also be a good way to honor my friend, who seemed to silently approve of my midnight impulse buy from beyond the grave, as I typed in digits from my credit card, one at a time, barely able to read,  through sobs and tears of grief.  I could almost hear her laugh at me.

My friend created so much life and love wherever she went. I am crying as I type this because this is a personal story I do not share often. I am a very private person, though death is something we don't talk much about in general. We chalk it up into words more easily accepted, like, "I am sorry for your loss." When we can't say the word, death, to me, it makes me afraid to truly be alive. I think others might feel the same way.

The site, except for the idea, was untouched up until a month ago, when life took on a whole new meaning for so many of us. Life took on a whole new meaning for me, Friday the 13th of March, 2020. I woke up, heard the news of Michigan cancelling public schools for the foreseeable future, and I knew what I had to do. Help keep kiddos safe. Help keep kiddos home. Help keep Mommies and Daddies and Grandmas and Grandpas who need extra help to stay healthy, keep them safe too. So that no one has to go through the heartache of losing a Nicole in their lives. 


It is okay to talk about death and dying. It is okay to be alive, even when some of our loved ones are dead. Nicole, you were the best of people. I am honored to have known you. I felt blessed to have loved and hated you at times. I feel fortunate to be apart of your family that is still here, and to know your amazing, energetic son. I have dedicated so much of what I do as a play therapist, in your honor, and in your memory. My playroom is so much more full of life and love because of you. Thank you, for looking after us all, with that invisible string that ties us all together still.

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